Get the postnatal support you need to fit your life.

There are 3 ways that I may serve you the best.  All options include a thorough intake, followed by appropriate and safe treatments and lactation consulting for you and your new baby.

Most visits are billed under naturopathic services with a license number provided if you have health insurance coverage.

Naturopathic services are exempt from HST.

One-on-one Support

Activate Your Afterglow, Melanie Jacobson, ND, Lactation Consultatnt, Postnatal Wellness,

One on one support is for moms and their babies, entering their 4th trimester.  I offer lactation and naturopathic support from the comfort of your home.

Once breastfeeding is well established and you are feeling confident, we can stay connected with a group program, offering timely education from postnatal professional combined with full lactation follow-up and support.  A group program with other local moms also allows for social connections and peer support which is invaluable.

I provide a 15-minute complimentary session via Janeapp in your 3rd trimester so that we can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit!

This postnatal experience is a combination of home and clinic visits which are run out of 2 clinic locations.

Clinic Visits

Clinic Visits, Melanie Jacobson, ND, Lactation Consultatnt, Postnatal Wellness,

Clinic visits are provided at Dupont Naturopathic Family Centre and on Varsity Road in the West End of Toronto.

Dupont Naturopathic Family Centre
789 Dupont St
Toronto, ON M6G 1Z5
(416) 588-7789


Melanie Jacobson ND IBCLC

Varsity Road

Toronto, Ontario

This location is temporarily unavailable.

Signature Approach


This new approach to postnatal care provides full pre and postnatal self-paced breastfeeding education for your convenience combined with the option of booking individualized naturopathic care and lactation support.  These one-on-one appointments are offered as home, clinic or virtual visits.

This is a holistic postnatal experience, including postnatal planning and guidance, on-going breastfeeding and postnatal education, and early hands-on support so that you can be the mom you have always wanted to be.  I take you from a place of uncertainty to feeling confident, connected and empowered.

Check out The Complete Breastfeeding Blueprint.