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As a naturopathic doctor and lactation consultant, I am well equipped to support postnatal moms through their post natal journey which can sometimes feel challenging and overwhelming.

Meet Mélanie Jacobson

Melanie Jacobson, ND, Lactation Consultatnt, Postnatal Wellness, melaniejacobsonnd.com

I became a Naturopathic Doctor as I truly believe that in many cases, when giving your body the correct ingredients for success that it can heal itself and/or be its best self.

I am driven by helping new and experienced moms with their postnatal care by supporting them to become their best self and be the mom/wife/partner that they want to be.

I use naturopathic tools and lactation consulting to support moms through the first steps of motherhood, allowing them to feel empowered, grounded and focused on caring for their growing family throughout their fourth trimester’ and beyond.

Work With Me

Activate Your Afterglow, Melanie Jacobson, ND, Lactation Consultatnt, Postnatal Wellness, melaniejacobsonnd.com

New Mom Home Support

One-on-one support is intended to provide moms with continuous support as they begin their fourth trimester with home visits for both mom and baby.

Clinic Visits, Melanie Jacobson, ND, Lactation Consultatnt, Postnatal Wellness, melaniejacobsonnd.com

Clinic Visits

Come visit me at the clinic. Clinic visits are provided at Dupont Naturopathic Family Centre and at my home office in the west end of Toronto.


Signature Approach

The Complete Breastfeeding Blueprint, is a new hybrid approach which combines online pre and post natal breastfeeding education with the option to also have individualized naturopathic care and lactation support.  For more information, check out, The Complete Breastfeeding Blueprint.

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